Who We Are | Aboye Jinkiri

Aboye Jinkiri

Chief of Staff

◈ English

Education, Licenses & Certifications
◈ Doctor of Jurisprudence, The Dickinson School of Law, The Pennsylvania State University
◈ Bachelor of Science in Economics, Northwestern University
◈ Minor in Political Science, Northwestern University

Aboye Jinkiri has more than twelve years of experience leading teams and organizations in their day-to-day functions. She has extensive knowledge in law and project management as well as vast expertise in business operations. 

Aboye has served as Indelible’s Chief of Staff since February 2022. She is tasked with the responsibility of organizing and coordinating staff functions and ensuring that business activities align with board-approved strategic goals and objectives. Prior to this position, Aboye served as Indelible’s Operations Manager. In this position, she initiated company records and identified gaps within operations while developing processes to improve them.  

Aboye previously functioned as an Executive Assistant for a national law firm for two years where she organized and managed case reporting to the firm’s leadership, served as a liaison between the firm and other firms and business partners, conducted research on legal matters, negotiated contracts, and supported the firm’s marketing initiatives.

Other prior professional experience includes serving as Director of Programs and Communication for a non-profit professional organization for lawyers and other legal professionals and managing court personnel and the daily operations of a Youth Court as a Court Administrator. In that position, she fielded media inquiries, prepared an annual budget, served as a liaison between the Court Child Protection Services, and members of The Bar and an around-the-clock resource for law enforcement agencies and community organizations.

She is currently involved with the Junior League of Tallahassee.