Joshua Hay

CEO and Co-Founder

Jacksonville, FL

◈ Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, Quality Assurance, Financial Reporting, Compliance

◈ English

Education, Licenses & Certifications
◈ BS, Accounting, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
◈ MBA, University of North Florida
◈ Certified Public Accountant, State of Florida
◈ Certified Internal Auditor

Joshua T. Hay, Sr., possesses over 8 years of combined Internal Audit, Risk Management and Quality Assurance, Disaster Recovery experience. Joshua primarily served on engagements for public and private sector entities within highly regulated industries. Primary industries of service include financial services and state and local governments.

Professional and Industry Experience

Joshua has served as Quality Assurance Manager and Project Manager of multiple engagements with Planning, Delivery, and Reporting responsibilities. His professional experience includes internal auditing, financial reporting, and evaluation of risk management and compliance monitoring systems, including policies and procedures, internal control frameworks, risk assessment methodologies and monitoring and reporting initiatives. In addition, Joshua developed ongoing monitoring programs to assess compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as internal policies and procedures.

Professional Associations
◈ Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants
◈ American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
◈ Institute of Internal Auditors
◈ National Association of Black Accountants, Jacksonville Chapter

Financial Internal Auditing

As Project Manager of risk and compliance engagements, Joshua supported management’s commitment to maintain a sound internal controls structure through the development and execution of risk-based audit programs. Key inputs used in the development of those risk-based audit programs included laws and regulations, key business processes and other sources of relevant industry best practice guidance. Joshua effectively developed and maintained client relationships throughout the course of all engagements. Although a vast majority of the engagement Joshua lead were compliance in nature, Joshua also served in leadership roles for operational audit engagements. As the auditor-in-charge, Joshua is actively engaged throughout all phases of the engagement and effectively oversees the work of teams consisting of ten to twenty-five resources. Joshua designed a risk based audit program to assess compliance with the Flood Disaster Protection Act in response to a Matter Requiring Attention (MRA) issued by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Execution of the audit plan resulted in the identification, and subsequent remediation, of insufficient processes related to the identification of at-risk flood properties. In addition, the audit plan identified instances where flood notices were not being issued in accordance with the regulation. Lastly, the risk-based audit program identified deficiencies in the process for conducting ongoing flood insurance adequacy assessments to inform forced-placed flood insurance determinations.

Risk and Compliance Advisory

Joshua has analyzed risk practices across the banking industry and provided consultative guidance on the development of risk-based Compliance Programs for a range of small to large enterprises across a variety of industries. The scope of the risk and compliance advisory engagements included Commercial Loan Review Programs, Compliance Programs, and Quality Control and Risk Management Activities. In his pursuit of value generation for the various risk and compliance engagements, Joshua developed and applied a consistent approach to researching applicable laws, regulations and professional standards to which he based his recommendations for process efficiency improvements. Performance of in-depth file reviews to assess portfolio quality and conformity with standards was an integral success factor in his ability to provide value-added recommendations. Quality Assurance engagements led by Joshua resulted in the creation of Management Action Plans (MAPs) that drove change to achieve more efficient processes and proactive identification of increasing risk. Joshua has also provided instructor-led training on the Flood Disaster Protection Act (FDPA) of 1968 to inform lending institutions of the FEMA-administered National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requirements, their obligations to comply with those requirements and implications of non-compliance.