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Vaccine Management Solutions

Reaching vulnerable populations for equitable distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine

While the COVID-19 crisis affects every American, it is the latest disease to infect and kill Black and Latino Americans at higher rates than people in the rest of the population.  We understand the state and local cities are at the forefront of advocating for the equitable distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine, and the need for public and private partnerships to serve numerous functions with the most urgent being project management and implementation of the many proactive strategies needed to solve the crisis.

According to the COVID Tracking Project, Black, Indigenous and people of color in the U.S. have contracted COVID-19 during the pandemic at higher rates than white Americans. Specifically, Black Americans are more likely to die from COVID-19 than any other racial or ethnic group.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released statistics that mentioned those whose race was known that received at least one dose of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, 11.5 percent were Latino, while only 5.4 percent were Black, even though the Black population represents 47.8 million and 14.6 percent of the population, respectively. The low vaccination rate among Black Americans is largely due to deep-rooted fears and suspicions of government and the medical establishment.

Indelible’s team of emergency management specialists, develop the outreach, logistics, staff augmentation, education and training to create a comprehensive approach to establishing equitable vaccine distribution centers in the communities where vulnerable populations are at higher risk from COVID-19.

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