MADISON, Fla. –  On the backdrop of President’s Day, Indelible was invited by leadership at the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) to attend Governor Ron DeSantis’s $11 million infrastructure announcement in Madison County.

At the press conference, Dr. Shamarial Roberson, President of Health and Human Services for Indelible, was recognized for her leadership and applauded the Governor’s administration for the improvements it has made to the economic health of small and rural communities.

“Governor DeSantis has done a tremendous job in the redevelopment of Florida’s rural landscape,” said Dr. Roberson. Roberson, a native of the city of Greenville who stood with Governor DeSantis as he awarded $300,000 to Madison County in support of improved infrastructure projects. This funding was made possible through the Rural Infrastructure Fund and the Community Development Block Grant program, both administered by the Florida DEO. “Indelible is proud to partner with DEO in the oversight and administration of programs like these that invigorate Florida’s economy and support the enhancement of communities in need,” she said.

Indelible has worked closely with several Florida agencies and has built a strong reputation for providing expertise in community outreach, health and human services, emergency management, governance and compliance, and other professional services.

“We have had great success supporting several DEO initiatives such as the one announced by the Governor in Madison County,” said Joshua Hay, Chief Executive Officer of Indelible. “These grant programs include numerous policies and procedures that must be followed to ensure effective program administration. Our work with DEO and other state agencies help stand up government projects and get them over the finish line.”

Indelible has supported the Florida Division of Emergency Management, Department of Health, Department of Economic Opportunity, and others by providing management consulting services that allow state agencies to administer government programs in an efficient and effective manner. The firm is also engaged in several COVID-19 response initiatives, including financial support programs for Florida homeowners and renters.

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