JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Indelible Business Solutions, one of Florida’s fastest growing management consulting firms, announced that its Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Joshua Hay, has been appointed to the role of Chief Executive Officer heading into the firm’s three-year anniversary and season of rapid growth. For the last 18 months, Indelible has grown under the leadership of Jerome Byers, a nationally recognized businessman known for his financial acumen and an unwavering commitment to the development of small and minority-owned businesses. 

Prior to joining Indelible, Byers served as a Regional President of Wells Fargo and played a role in the successful merger and transition from Wachovia in the Atlanta area. In his entrepreneurial spirit, Byers also founded Coronado Capital, a national capital markets business specializing in middle Market financing. 

“When I first joined Indelible in March of 2020, I immediately recognized its potential to be a multi-faceted management consulting firm that would become one of the largest minority-owned companies in the sector,” said Jerome Byers. Byers played a significant role in helping the firm secure growth capital, strengthen internal controls and establish strategic partnerships. Byers will remain with the organization as the Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Finance Subcommittee. “This year our firm has seen tremendous growth as we have watched our team expand and support engagements across the country. Joshua’s transition to CEO comes at a pivotal moment as Indelible commemorates three years of operations and looks to further expand moving into the next chapter and closer to our purpose as a community-focused firm.” 

Joshua Hay, Co-founding Partner of Indelible, will take over the helm of the firm in his new role as CEO and will lead its plans for strategic expansion. Hay, a licensed CPA, MBA graduate and Internal Audit Professional, co-founded Indelible, along with his partner and collegiate classmate Michael White, with diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of its mission. 

 “It is with the greatest honor that I accept the role as CEO of this dynamic and people-centric organization,” said Hay. “As we enter our third year of operations, I reflect on the challenges we overcame as a professional services startup, and I acknowledge the value Jerome has brought to our organization. I look forward to his continued oversight as the Chairman of the Board and Finance Subcommittee. I would also like to thank each member of our team for their support and trust as we set out to further develop this organization and the individual careers of every team member who has contributed to the Indelible mission and vision.” 

The leadership transition began on, August 31, 2021, as Indelible looks to strengthen stakeholder partnerships and expand its service capabilities. The firm has become an industry leader in Emergency Management, supporting the State of Florida and numerous other state and local government clients across the nation. Indelible has been recognized as one of Florida’s most resilient small businesses to accomplish growth during the pandemic and has managed numerous initiatives supporting vulnerable and minority communities through COVID-19 Relief and Outreach. 

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